Timing Chain


The Timing Chain is a crucial part of the engine and if it is not replaced and fails it could result in major engine damage.  The majority of manufacturers recommend changing the timing belt between 60,000 and 100,000 miles, although it’s important to check with your manufacturer to find out the exact recommendation.

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Common signs of a timing chain problem

The inability to see the timing chain directly makes it difficult to visually detect failing parts. Instead, report all:

  • Misfires, which make the engine shake uncontrollably or run unevenly at idle
  • Rattling or scraping sounds coming from the front of the engine
  • Noticeably poor gas mileage
Why us?
Most qualified mechanics will be able to perform a timing chain replacement. However, as engine replacement specialists, Ecotech Auto’s experienced engineering team regularly rebuild engines and as a result perform timing replacements on an almost daily basis. With a workshop that is specifically geared to performing all engine related work, you can be confident that Ecotech Auto are the right company to handle all of your timing related services.
If you are experiencing problems with your timing chain or your vehicle needs a service get in touch with us.

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