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Should we be afraid of Autonomous Vehicles?

More and more money is being invested in the production of autonomous vehicles, or AV’s for short, a range of vehicles which can drive themselves – a bit like electronic chauffeurs. As more and more companies such as Tesla, Apple, Google, BMW and, most recently, Uber begin to invest in the AV range, we ask whether autonomous driving is something that we should embrace or a terrifying concept which...
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24 September 2019

How can I tell if my vehicle uses a cambelt or a timing chain?

Every vehicle is different, and this extends to what they use to regulate the engine. There are two options: a cambelt, (also called a timing belt), or a timing chain. Your owner’s manual will always tell you which component your engine uses, but what if you’ve lost yours? Here are the key differences between the two components, how to spot them and why its so important for you to know....
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17 September 2019